We had an idea, a couple of good people and no money in a recessionary economy. Just the prefect recipe for a successful start up, we discovered. We were not out to change the world or even revolutionize the work place. We believed that Talented People are the most important assets of an organization. Our value proposition was just a simple and cost effective solution built around hiring and retaining top talent, which our customers were willing to try. One satisfied customer led to another and the rest as they say is History in making.  
  To provide real service one must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. Remember the game of “gully” cricket that you played as a kid. When it came to selecting a team, the ones who were the best got picked up first and invariably took the key spots in the field. The ones who were average got picked up thereafter and the least useful ones just made up the numbers. The top players worked at retaining the top spots, the mediocre ones worked hard to get to the top and the others mostly just moved on to find other more suitable pursuits in life.

We are at the top of our game and we get a great thrill out of proving it time and again whenever we are on the field. Winning is good but winning every single time is even better.
  We do not talk about VEVISM (vision, ethics, values, integrity, strategy & mission statement). These 6 must be the loftiest, most abused, overused and misunderstood words in the business environment. Mind you, we absolutely stand by each of these 6 words above except that we think that their overuse leaves people cynical, confused and bitter.

At Techbridge Networks, we believe in
  • Taking ownership of our customer’s objectives.
  • Consistent execution over conference room strategy.
  • Valuing the relationship as much as the business it brings.
The combination of the above three leads to co-evolution between our clients and us where both the entities benefit from each other. It’s a partnership in which each side contributes something to the other and both gain from co-operation. Co-evolution has also resulted in all our customers being referral business.
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Hewitt Associates
VM Ware
Digital Echo
Texas Instruments
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